Serving All Of Western New York And The Surrounding Areas 

The East Aurora Driving Society

New York State Driving Societies and Events:
Champlain Valley Morgan Association (ADS) 
Cherry Valley Carriage Association (ADS) 
East Aurora Driving Society (ADS)
Genesee Valley Riding & Driving Club (ADS) 
Kateland Farm Show 
Lorenzo Driving Show (ADS) 
Mid Hudson Driving Association (ADS)
Northampton Driving Society & Show 
Paumanok Driving Club (ADS)
Saratoga Driving Association (ADS)
Silver Shoe Farm Carriage Competition
Walnut Hill Pleasure Driving Show

 Amish Harness, Leather, and Equine-Related Goods in the Southern Tier Region:
(Amish businesses are closed on Sunday)

Axeville Harness- Rt 40 between near Lephmill Road, Conewango,NY ( across from Axeville Furniture)
Conewango Carriage and Cart – Mose and Lizzie Shetler 12838 Route 62 Conewango, NY
Country View - Keith Road between Rt 40 and Pope Road, Conewango, NY
Hillside Leather - Flat Iron Road between 62& 44, Conewango, NY
The two shops below are closed on Sunday and Wednesday:
Miller’s Leather Shop - Dannie & Anna Miller, 11395 Northeast Rd., Conewango Valley 14726.
​Rabers Blacksmith Shop and Raber Sister’s Porch Shop - 6370 Rt. 62, Conewango Valley 14726

Driving Supplies:
American Cart and Harness                
Camptown Harness                             
Carriage Barn                                     
Carriage Driving Essentials                  
Chimacum Tack                                
Country Carriage                              
​Driving Essentials                                
Iowa Valley Carriage:                        
Ultralite Whips  

Regional Equine On-line Classifieds:
East Aurora Driving Society                                                                             
​Northampton Driving Society   “What’s Horse for Sale in Northern NY”
L’il Beginnings Miniature Horse International
Regional Craig’s List listings.

Miniature Horse Supplies:                                   
Camptown Harness                           
Chimacum Tack Shack                       
Estate Horse Supply                            
Mini Express                                      
Ozark Mountain Mini Tack              
Prime Design                                   
​Star Lake Tack 

Carts & Carriages:   
A broad range of carts and carriages. Those listed here also sell vehicles for miniature horses and small ponies.
Buggy Bob's            
Country Carriage                 
Frontier Trading Post            
Graber, at Kateland Farms, NY    
Graham Carriage Works          
Greenall Carriage                    
Hardwick Hideout                   
Ite Bte Buggys                        
Jerald Sulky                          
Justin Carriage Works             
Kutzmann Carriages                
Outram's Cutter MFG             
Pacific Carriage                      
Pequea Carriage and Harness,
Scotsman Cart                        
Shady Lane Wagons, PA         
Silver Penny Farm, CT            
Sugarloaf Mountain Sleighs     
​Summit View Carriage 

Pairs Carriages for miniature horses and small ponies:
Carriage Machine                   
Carriage USA                        
Greenall Carriage House         
Hardwick Hideout                   
Ite Bte Buggy                         
Kutzmann Carriages                

Steel Wheels: 
Now available to convert a pneumatic wheeled cart to steel/hard rubber wheels for ADS competition.
Carriage Driving Essentials      
Scotsman Carts                        
Ite-Bte Buggy          

Wood Wheels:

Custom Wagon Wheels           
Custom Wagons                      
Woodriver Carriage                 

​Solid inner tube for pneumatic wheels:

​Bell -No-Mor Flats:  Available at Walmart and on

Most harness makers will do custom work, and many carry both betathane and leather harness.For hard to find Shetland Pony-sized harness see Camptown Harness, Chimicum, or Zilco Harness.
Camptown Harness                 
Carriage Driving Essentials      
Carriage House                       
​Chimacum Tack                      
Country Carriages USA          
Driving Essentials                    
Freedman’s Harness               
Mini Express                          
Ozark Mountain Mini Tack      
Ron’s Harness                        
Silver Penny Farm                   
Starlake Farm Tack                 
Tanglewood Farms                  
​Zilco Harness   

 Regional Driving Instructor/Trainers:                      Contact Information:

Nicole Cable                          Silver Shoe Farm, Batavia, NY                        

Ted Jenney                            Kateland Farms, Holley, NY                            

Jeff Kohler                             Relhok Faarm, Ontario, Canada                      

Liz O'Donnell                        Woodbury Farm, East Aurora, NY                    

Carriage Driving Websites:
American Driving Society (ADS)
Carriage Association of America (CAA)

Webinars On-line:
American Driving Society


Driving Forums:
Carriage Driving List (CD-L)
Chronicle of the Horse (COTH) 
Driving Pairs 
L’il Beginnings Miniature Horse International
We hope this will be helpful resource for anyone interested in pleasure driving. Compiled with the assistance of regional drivers, it is by no means an exhaustive list, and some very good sources may have been inadvertently omitted. Nearly all the organizations and vendors below are online, and are listed here in alphabetical order. Our regional Amish cart, carriage and harness makers are listed with addresses. No person, company or organization has received compensation for appearing on this list, nor does an appearance on this list constitute an endorsement of the goods and services by EADS, Inc.

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